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We can provide consultancy to companies to help them design new business models to provide competitive advantage.


We run one day, 5 day and yearlong (MSc) courses in how to design and test new business models for businesses and individuals. Click here for details


We have our own Incubator/Accelerator to help individuals and businesses transform their ideas into new business models. The lab is fully equipped with a machine room, design area, electronics lab and a Design Sprint area.



Automation systems

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The Automation Systems group collaborates closely with industry and partners on the current research include JLR, Ford, ThyssenKrupp System Engineering, Froehlich, FDS, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

A targeted body of internationally leading research carried out by the ASG has built up core expertise in reconfigurable modular automation systems and related engineering tools and methods. Current and recent projects under the research theme of Business-Driven Automation have established a new approach to reconfigurable manufacturing systems with the potential to enable a major change in the way manufacturing automation systems are engineered and supported through their lifecycle.Read more about our research here.

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Our work in this field is developing the tools and technologies to create the factories of the future. With a focus on the lifecycle of automation in manufacturing, process control and embedded systems, we collaborates with industry partners to establish core expertise in reconfigurable modular automation systems, and related engineering tools and methods.