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Skill Factory

Skill Factory

*project description


Course 1 Virtual Commissioning

Phase 1 Virtual Engineering

Introduction: Manufacturing systems and their lifecycle; Digital Factory

Virtual Process planning: aims and benefits, challenges, requirements,

Virtual Process planning: System example description: Automatic processes, semi automatic, Human (Behaviour, ergonomics, MODs), specific manufacturing sysems (CNC, Robots), logistic components (AGV, conveyor, )

Overview of the available VE and VC tools; Siemens Process Simulate, Delmia, WinMOD, Visual Components, Emulate3D, vueOne

Preparation of data: 3D data, kinematic info, timing & sequence info, behaviour, logic info

VPP model information content: Kinematics and Behaviour, conditions and interlocks, signals, timing, 3D geomtry

VPP model structure: tree structure and node types, overall model architecture,

Lab work for developing (station?):
- CAD simplification
- CAD import /
- Kinematics
- Timings
- Behaviour / scripts definition

Phase 2 Virtual Commissioning

Virtual Commissioning: Aims and objectives of VC, requirements, deliverables

Preparation for VC: hardware, PLC code, model, signals (Visual Components)

PLC / virtual model interfacing: PLC Code change (limitations of physical IO), IO mapping, communication: use of OPC UA, propretary driversSignals Mapping in Visual Components, .csv import/export from TIA, OPC UA

VC execution, Validation, errors testing, safety checks, different scenarios, what cannot be done with VC- limitations

Virtual Model use and integration: • Digital Twin for monitoring, integration with MES, ERP • Integration with other tools (Eplan?, DES, etc.) and data bases, common data model • Changes of the process, product, testing

Lab works: developing a digital twin: one of the IML stations: Overview of PLC program

Interfacing plc with digital model

VC preparation: model, communications, PLC code, IO mapping

VC execution: requirements, code tests, scenarios, errors, safety

Auto code generation

Course 2 Digital Twin Validation


Course 3 IIoT