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Cyber Security

csc1Vehicle control systems, building management systems, smart city infrastructure, industrial control and medical devices all exist within the cyber domain. As our manufactured environment becomes increasingly dependent on digital systems, we conduct research into both the nature of the cyber environment and the protection of the human experience within it.

We offer world-class education programmes in cyber security and related disciplines aimed at current and future industry leaders, delivered on a full-time and part-time basis depending on the degree.

We deliver on world-leading multi-disciplinary research, focusing on transformative and innovative solutions for governments, industry and society. We deliver this through research capabilities focusing on both the technical and the behavioural (culture, cognition and communication) aspects of cyber security. Our research is underpinned by a variety of collaborative and individual projects which are funded by a variety of funding bodies and companies.

The key themes of our research lie in four pillars of activity:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Future Cities
  • Defence and Cyber Crime
  • Systems and Society (including Digital Health)

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