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About our research

Health informatics and health data science...

Our overall objective is to improve the quality, safety, accessibility and productivity of healthcare by supporting the implementation of digital solutions for Health Data Sciencethe public, patients and professionals, underpinned by rigorous multi-disciplinary research, development and evaluation.

We follow a model of research-led innovation in healthcare which entails identifying relevant theories, selecting appropriate technologies and developing new solutions where necessary. Each solution then needs rigorous evaluation for safety, effectiveness and cost implications before promotion to healthcare systems. All this requires close working with industry, the NHS and across many disciplinary boundaries in order to achieve translational impact in society.

We concentrate in understanding healthcare data, through the concept of electronic healthcare records, and make it more readily available to provide a core facility in understanding the complexity of disease.

Health Data Science 2Such data can also provide better insights for the whole patient journey in the context of chronic conditions. Quality digital healthcare data, combined with our current evidence-based medical knowledge, allows professionals to make more precise, stratified/personalised and informed decisions on care provision and patient support. Moreover, the transparent use of this information can empower the individual patient in their awareness of health and wellbeing, by involving them in their own healthcare management; this is achieved through the provision of feeding back information to the individual themselves for improved understanding of their condition and lifestyle needs, through the use of digital means.

In addition to information, digital technology can provide independence in patients’ lives, by supporting them in enhanced and integrated activity within our societal structures. Finally, technology can promote the concept of a digital community, where patients, careers and citizens can exchange views and information on the best available choices for people’s care and support.

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