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Product innovation

As behavioural scientists, we can bring applied psychology knowledge and techniques to help engineers to develop better products. Our aim in this regard is to collaborate with our partners to innovate products that will enhance user wellbeing.


In-car wellbeing

incarTechniques to assess driver state are advancing and our partners have the ability to collect significant amounts of useful data. However, they are often user of what to do with those data and what helpful interventions might involve. Our current project in this area (funded by JLR) is identifying innovations to mitigate driver fatigue. Bringing a multi-disciplinary perspective (sleep science, psychological science, cognitive science etc), we have conducted a series of phases that have led to the identification of potential innovations. Further funding is now being sought to trail these innovations.


Digital tool to improve knowledge about living organ donation among BAME communities

techFunded by NHS Blood and Transplant, we have conducted a systematic literature review and qualitative study to understand the barriers to living kidney donation. We have since co-produced a video (available in three different languages) and a community ambassador training package, which is now subject to a trial. We received a very small amount of funding for this initial work and would now like to role this programme out across the UK.