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Amplifii was a successful Programme, sponsored by OLEV, through Innovate UK, the outputs of which were launched at Cenex LCV17. The project, led by WMG (University of Warwick) brought together OEMs with diverse requirements (JLR, JCB, Ariel, ADL) with a supply chain (Delta Motorsport, Potenza, Trackwise), technology providers (WMG, MIRA, Oxford University) and recycling companies (Axion, Augean). It has delivered novel and leading designs for high power and high energy modules, along with the manufacturing methods to deliver them to medium volume production. The project has also created open access module and pack pilot assembly and test lines at WMG.

Following the success of that project, this follow-on explores the vehicle integration and vehicle electrification impacts of the Amplifii batteries in the proposed OEM products - in particular to understand hands-on (now that hardware is available) how electrification changes the usage pattern of these vehicles - and any mitigating factors which must be designed into the vehicle or battery. Typical markets for exploitation of the project include on-road (bus, commercial vehicle, premium passenger car) and off-highway (construction equipment, military, and motorsport).


Using state-of-the-art Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide pouch cells and their portfolio of IP on module and system level battery technology, this Innovate UK project is being led by Williams Advanced Engineering.

Williams Advanced Engineering will further develop its systems to provide a battery electric powertrain into Aston Martin's RapidE production programme.

The project will also deliver a central role for considering extension of battery life, design for remanufacturing, and recycling (both for second life and end of life situations) which will be essential for future sustainability and market acceptance of the process solution. WMG will support this project by providing analysis and characterization of battery cells that will support the development of cells and energy storage systems leading to the selection of the cell that will form the basis of the production modules.


This APC funded project is being led by BMW Motorsport in collaboration with Mclaren, Delta Motorsport and WMG. It will focus on the development of high-power lithium ion storage devices. The project aims to improve power-to-weight ratio in current hybrid lithium ion batteries. The technology will be utilised in future luxury and high-performance vehicles


PreLIBS (Preliminary feasibility study into Lithium Ion Battery Safety) is funded by Faraday Challenge Round 2. The study will act as a precursor for further research and will allow manufacturers to benefit from enhanced solutions to Thermal Runaway and subsequent Thermal Propagation mitigation strategies.

The PreLIBS team is made up of a consortium with members from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), WMG, Health and Executive, Science Division (HSL), Warwick Fire, Potenza Technology, Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems Ltd (Lifeline) and 3M UK PLC (3M);

Key deliverables from the PreLIBS study will include:

Guidance on navigating and evidence to inform the standards

Analysis of sensing and detection methods

Evaluation of material effects in thermal runaway

Cell and cell group data to inform modelling and material design