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3D Electrodes from 2D Materials

An EPSRC Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund project, focusing on the design and manufacture of next generation energy storage electrodes that are capable of meeting the performance targets as identified by the Automotive Council UK and Faraday Challenge.

EL2D - Scalable Electrophoretic Manufacture of High Density 2D Materials for Energy Storage Electrodes

Innovate UK project proving the process scalability of modern advances in materials and manufacturing for energy storage, specifically lithium-ion capacitor.

ELEMENT - Energy Storage Electrode Manufacturing

An EPSRC First Grant delivering the discovery and manufacture of higher performance energy storage electrodes, specifically exploiting innovation in electrochemical manufacturing process technology.

ELEVATE - Electrochemical Vehicle Advanced Technology

Working with multiple universities on lithium-ion battery for automotive energy storage, this project develops the technology innovation chain from materials discovery to cell manufacture and vehicle system adoption.

GRAPHELEC - Graphene electrodes for automotive supercapacitor energy storage

An EPSRC technology programme generating real-world evidence for graphene materials in automotive-grade A5 supercapacitor pouch cells, produced in sufficient quantities for industrial evaluation with commercial partners.

NANOCARBON - Nanocarbon Coatings by Electrophoretic Technologies

Innovate UK project developing materials coatings for thermal interface, specifically on 3D complex structures for efficient battery heat transfer system.

Prosperity Partnership with JLR

This project is in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover on delivering new scientific knowledge about battery performance and materials degradation, especially contribute to accelerating vehicle electrification agenda in the UK.