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Power Electronics, Machined and Drives


Reducing emissions...

Electrification is generally acknowledged to be a key technology to achieve reductions in emissions, therefore we are focusing on electricity generation, electrification of transport, energy storage and electrification of heating.

Currently, around 95% of electricity is produced with a rotating generator, and 45% of electricity is used in electric motors worldwide. This will increase in line with rising demand for pure-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and transport solutions. Any improvement on electric machines performance, design and development processes or manufacturability potentially impacts on a large number of applications.

In line with the challenges faced by industry, our electric machines research focuses on improvements of low and high volume manufacturing processes of electric machines in relation to accurate prediction of their performance and better understood material data.

Underpinning electrification is efficient power conversion using power electronics. Key examples include propulsion inverters for EVs and bi-directional AC/DC converters for energy storage. In particular, newly available wide band-gap semi-conductors especially silicon carbide MOSFETs are enabling more power dense convertors and are important in new areas, such as wireless charging.

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