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Off Highway Intelligent Power Management

Funded: Innovate UK (2015 - 2017)
Partners: JCB; Pektron

The purpose of this collaborative project between JCB, Pektron and WMG is to lead industrial research into a range of novel technologies which could significantly increase the efficiency of off-highway vehicles. The world leading partners will bring together their expertise to analyse, develop and optimise off-highway vehicle systems to increase their efficiency whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The results will disseminate into future product developments allowing customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their projects and benefit from increased competitiveness.

RESOLVE: Range of Electric Solutions for L-Category Vehicles

Funded: EU Horizon 2020 (2015 - 2018)
Partners: Piaggio; Austrian Institute of Technology; Bosch; Czech Technical University; IDIADA Automotive; Kiska; KTM; Magneti Marelli; RE:Lab; Ricardo; University of Florence; University of Pisa; Wamtechnik

The RESOLVE project aims to enable the development of a range of cost effective, energy efficient and comfortable ELVs (Electric L-category Vehicles) that will primarily attract ICE car drivers to switch to ELVs for daily urban commutes.

The RESOLVE project will develop components and systems that meet the very low cost requirements for the segment, particularly modular and scalable LV-specific electric powertrains and battery architectures. At the same time the project will deliver an exciting and attractive ELV driving experience by proposing new concepts (tilting & narrow track), while keeping the vehicle energy consumption at very low level. All the advances will be demonstrated in two tilting four wheeler demonstrator ELVs (L2e and L6e category), though a large number of such advances will also be applicable to the complete range of ELVs (including powered-two wheelers). The RESOLVE consortium is optimally positioned to drive such innovations: PIAGGIO and KTM are the 2 largest LV manufacturers in the EU and the whole ELV value chain is represented, complemented by top component suppliers and universities. More information>>

VLR: Very Light Rail

Funder: Future Railway/RSSB

This is a collaborative project with industrial partners to develop a radical train featuring self-propelled bogies and offering significant reductions in vehicle weight. The target specification is for an 18m long 60 seat railcar with a weight per linear metre of less than 1 tonne (less than half the weight of current vehicles) and a target selling price on £500k, significantly less than for current vehicles. By integrating a high efficiency diesel hybrid powertrain onto the vehicle bogies the project will deliver a proven sub-system that is a product in its own right, allowing vehicle integrators around the world to use proven powertrain solutions.