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Energy Management

The Energy Management team's focus is on ensuring that energy use is maximised and investigating how different real world driving styles impact on energy usage. The aim is to develop the next generation of technologies required to move hybrid and electric vehicles into the mainstream automotive market.

Our research interests / capabilities are in the following areas:

  • Full vehicle modeling to component modeling and detailed component design, from complete energy management studies to engine integration and controls.
  • Optimization of energy flows to minimize fuel consumption & emissions
  • Energy management strategies and architectures
  • Components and systems specifications, integration and validation
  • Drivability for modern transmissions and HEV/EV/FC vehicles


The group has a track record in collaborative research projects supported by the TSB, EPSRC and directly by industry.

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Example of projects include:

Energy Efficiency Modeling

The aim of the project is to develop a hi-fidelity physical powertrain model to investigate energy efficiency technologies. Read more>>

Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

The team are investigating if the use of an electric vehicle as a short-term electric supply can provide a substantial benefit to the electrical grid. Read more>>

Hybrid Electric Rail Project

The project is exploring the feasibility of hybrid electric rail vehicles for high speed and commuter routes. Read more>>

Hybrid Powertrain Testing

To provide a facility to allow the investigation of the integration of complex hybrid vehicle powertrain components. Read more>>