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Complex Electrical Systems

The Complex Electrical Systems team’s focus is on robust systems development. It has an established track record in the areas of simulation and modeling, robust system design, advanced test techniques and advanced diagnostics.

Our research interests / capabilities are in the following areas:

  • Advanced test techniques including Non-Functional Testing (NFT)
  • High voltage modelling and simulation for Low Carbon Vehicle technologies
  • HIL testing for robustness
  • Data analysis techniques
  • Diagnostics for highly distributed networked control systems
  • Advanced physical modeling


The group has a track record in collaborative research projects supported by the TSB, EPSRC and directly by industry. Examples of projects include:

Proving Integrity of Complex Automotive Systems of Systems (PICASSOS)

The project enables the rapid and highly assured development of software systems for the 'more electric' vehicle of the future. Read more>>

Non-Functional Testing for Hybrid and Electric Control Systems (NFT)

The project will develop a set of test cases that are designed to prove out the robustness of selected hybrid system functions. It will also serve to verify the methodology behind the developed standard, proving out the quality and usability of the methods. Read more>>

High Voltage Architecture Modelling (HVAM)

The HVAM project aims to identify the causes of High Voltage noise on AC and DC buses on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV). Read more>>