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Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing for Hybrid and Electric Control Systems

Research challenge

  • The project will develop a set of test cases that are designed to prove out the robustness of selected hybrid system functions.
  • These functions will be defined with the use of a functional decomposition and p-diagrams. To verify the non-functional robustness of these functions a combination of methods will be employed focusing around classification trees and exploratory testing.
  • The project will also serve to verify the methodology behind the developed standard, proving out the quality and usability of the methods.

Project outcomes

  • A set of test cases for specified hybrid functions that prove out the robustness of these functions, these test cases will be developed in such a way that enables them to be used on future hybrid systems to be developed within JLR.
  • Validation of the process for non-functional robustness testing, to be rolled out to the JLR business; including making alterations where deficiencies have been identified.
  • Prove out the robustness of key hybrid functions for the current application of hybrid technology within JLR.

Funded by

  • Jaguar Land Rover


  • Jaguar Land Rover

Software used

  • The tool used for the NFT test case generation is called the Advanced Combinatorial Testing System (ACTS)