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Vehicle to Grid (V2G)


Can the use of an electric vehicle as a short-term electric supply give a substantial benefit to the electrical grid.

Research challenge

The Vehicle to Grid (V2G) concept uses parked electric vehicles to supply short-term power requirements to the electric grid. This is expected to become increasingly important as a growing number of uncontrolled renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, are connected across the grid. It is also important for peak shaving applications and grid ancillary services.

Previously studies have focussed on the situation where there are many electric vehicles connected so that there is always sufficient electrical storage to stabilise the grid beneficially.

The project investigates the situation where there are few electric vehicles and considers the special case of vehicle to home.

Project outcomes

A Vehicle to Home (V2H) model has been developed which considers the interaction of individual vehicles and homes; this is more appropriate for the current low population of electric vehicles connected across the grid.