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Vehicle Energy Facility


The facility allows OEMs, suppliers and researchers accurate and repeatable assessment of existing and emerging technologies. The facility is able to test any hybrid vehicle architecture and can aid objective assessment of driveability using real/virtual components through hardware-in-loop (HiL).

Research Challenge

A hybrid vehicle is a complex system made up of many individually optimised components. To optimise the overall system, it is necessary to fully understand the interaction of the components. This can include the effect of:

  • Different hybrid vehicle architectures on efficiency and emissions
  • Supervisory control strategies on efficiency and emissions
  • Component temperatures on efficiency
  • Vehicle usage conditions on battery lifetime
  • Motor and inverter design on high voltage bus EMI

Project Outcomes

  • The Vehicle Energy Facility
  • Shared learning with project partners and VEF staff
  • An informal mechanism to develop practical solutions for ‘real-life’ energy storage

Funded by

  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Advantage West Midlands


  • Froude Hofmann