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The ABACUS project, co-funded by Innovate UK’s "supply chain innovation towards a circular economy" competition, is directly aligned with the research challenge of preserving the value of automotive traction batteries at End-of-Life (EoL). By keeping the batteries in productive use for longer, a significant waste stream reduction of up to 70% is possible through development of new business models and innovative approaches for the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery reverse logistics value-chain and remanufacturing process.


Increasing uptake of EVs in the UK and European markets and a drive from the EU to reduce waste and introduction of the Battery Directive: DIRECTIVE 2006/66/EC which prohibits the disposal of automotive batteries and industrial batteries (including EV battery packs) by means of landfill or incineration and End-of-Life Directive: Directive 2000/53/EC which specifies measures which aim to prevent waste from EoL vehicles and their components have created a opportunity for industry to improve their business models.

Moving from the traditional linear take-make-dispose model to a circular model is increasingly becoming important for electric vehicles (EVs) due to the mentioned legislation which calls for sustainability and producer responsibility.


Aim and Objectives

To provide guidance and information for decision-making about the in-service life extension through repair and remanufacturing of Electric Vehicle batteries, ensuring economic feasibility and environmental sustainability. The project objectives are:

  • Validate value chain maps for processes relating to remanufacturing of electric vehicle battery packs.
  • Developing testing guidelines and engineering data sheets for use in remanufacturing of battery packs.
  • Developing a ‘Framework’ to help businesses’ with decisions relating to remanufacturing of electric vehicle battery packs.
  • Dissemination and sharing of best practice knowledge (to a wide range of stakeholders) relating to remanufacturing processes for electric vehicle battery packs.




Jakobus Groenewald

For more information on End-of-Life batteries please visit the ABACUS blog.