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Engineering Psychology


Engineering Psychology at WMG is at the intersection of experimental psychology and engineering. It is the science of human behaviour, cognition, sensory perception, and capability; applied to the optimisation of workplaces, interventions, systems and products.
Psychology is an essential component of successful personalisation; understanding and anticipating human-technology interaction; individual health and wellbeing; consumer behaviour and acceptance of products and services.


As a multidisciplinary group, we work closely with other WMG research groups and external partners (including the NHS, overseas healthcare providers, and commercial and community organisations), to drive innovation across a broad range of sectors.

Research Areas

Current research areas include:

Applied behavioural and cognitive psychology

Key areas include: The application of psychological theory (e.g., decision making, motivation, nudge theory) to improve user/product engagement; to improve wellbeing of product users; and in product innovation.

Mental health

Key areas of include: Empowering schools to deal with mental health issues (e.g., eating disorders; resilience); Understanding predictors of mental health problems; psychological interventions to reduce mental health problems. We have a particular focus on workplace mental health, adolescent mental health, eating disorders and obesity.

Workforce health and wellbeing

Key areas include: Development of novel assessment and intervention approaches to whole workforce well-being across a range of sectors to; improve mental and physical health, productivity and quality.

Skills training / education

Production of novel digital skills training courses across the three areas of activity (mental health; applied behavioural and cognitive psychology and workforce wellbeing).

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Media and Press

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