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Engineering Psychology Seminar: 28 April 2017

State of play: Gamification of cognitive assessment and cognitive training

12:00pm - 12:45pm, Friday 28 April
WMG International Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick

Jim Lumsden is a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol, where his work straddles the interface between computer science and experimental psychology.

Cognitive tasks are typically viewed as effortful, frustrating, and repetitive, which often leads to participant disengagement. This, in turn, may negatively impact data quality and/or reduce intervention effects. However, gamification may provide a possible solution. If game design features can be incorporated into cognitive tasks without undermining their scientific value, then data quality, intervention effects, and participant engagement may be improved.

In this talk, Jim will discuss the process and findings of their recent systematic review of gamified cognitive testing and training. Jim will then present two studies into the effects of individual game mechanics on the data and enjoyment ratings from a cognitive task designed to measure inhibitory control. In both studies, three variants of the tasks were tested: one in which participants were rewarded with points for performing optimally, one where the task was given an overall theme and graphical upgrade, and a third version which was a non-gamified comparator. Jim will discuss the findings, and how they might guide the development of future gamified cognitive assessments.

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