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APPRAISE ( APpropriate Product Representations for Assessment In Structured Evaluations ) is a collaborative project between the University of Warwick, Jaguar & Land Rover and Brüel & Kjær. It receives support from Warwick’s Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre.

Project Motivation:

“How can we improve the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making during product development based on the results of subjective evaluations in real world assessment and structured evaluations?”


In a "structured evaluation", customers appraise products, or elements of products ( e.g. a vehicle's sound ) in a controlled environment ( for sound, maybe in our listening room, our sound room or our full vehicle simulator interactive vehicle NVH simulator ). However, the way in which people appraise products in real life can differ to the way they appraise products in structured evaluations. It is therefore important for manufacturers that the results of product appraisals within structured evaluations match, or come as close to real-life as possible. The aims of APPRAISE are therefore to develop tools and consistent methods for capturing "perception-forming processes".


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Team Members:

 Professor Paul Jennings (Principal Investigator),

 Dr Rebecca Cain (Co-Investigator)



























We are currently working with ELVIN