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EC Tunes




Headquartered in Horsens, Denmark, and founded by experts in acoustics, sound engineering and electric vehicle technology, ECTunes represents a vision to make the next generation of vehicles safer and more fun to drive.

The company designs and manufactures innovative high performance safety sound systems as a solution to the growing concern quiet-running vehicles pose to pedestrians, children and cyclists and in particular the visually impaired. With an innovative solution based on an external sound system that generates synthetic vehicles sounds and an optional internal solution with traditional engine speed and throttles sounds, ECTunes preserves the popular benefits of silent cars while increasing pedestrian safety and enhancing the driving experience. ECTunes systems are available as customized OEM and retrofit solutions.

ECTunes uses NoViSim’s innovative sound simulation software and unique algorithm to generate the synthetic vehicle sounds in the system.

ECTunes supports the Warwick University’s ELVIN project with an external sound system. The system installed include 3 of our special designed speakers (2 in front and one in back) powered by digital amplifiers.



Sales and Marketing Director

Thomas Gadegaard


M: +45 21218662