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NoViSim Ltd. is a UK company specialising in the development of interactive sound simulation tools for the automotive industry. NoViSim’s foundations are in NVH and Sound Quality Engineering with special focus on developing new methods and processes for the objective and subjective recording, evaluation and analysis of automotive NVH data. We have expertise in core methods and software development in the fields of audio and acoustics, with a special emphasis on the simulation of virtual auditory environments, visualization and data communication.

 NoViSim has extended their core capabilities by developing a robust and efficient process, coupled with easy to use software and hardware tools, for designing, evaluating and delivering appropriate sounds for Electric and other Quiet (usually low carbon) Vehicles. In conjunction with NoViSim’s partners Brüel & Kjær, ECTunes and Meridian Audio, these tools are and will be available globally as complete hardware and software systems suitable for use throughout the development process from initial sound design, through on-road validation and sign-off, up to and including final production solutions.

NoViSim’s products include:

Desktop NVH Simulator (DTS)

An interactive audio-visual simulator for evaluating the Interior sound experienced by the driver as a vehicle is driven around a virtual scenario. It is used throughout vehicle development to evaluate NVH data in the most efficient way.

Exterior Sound Simulator (ESS)

An interactive audio-visual simulator for evaluating the exterior sound experienced by a pedestrian as a vehicle is driven around a virtual scenario. It enables the controlled evaluation of many potential sounds... in a wide variety of realistic scenarios... by a large number of people... from a broad range of demographics... in a very short time.


A compact, ultra-portable but powerful 8 channel sound generation system controlled by parameters from the vehicle’s CANbus (such as speed, throttle position, etc.) or other devices such as GPS. It is ideal for demonstrating, fine-tuning and signing-off the sound or sounds developed using the Exterior Sound Simulator on a real vehicle in a long-term trial on public roads. It can either be used in conjunction with the customer’s own speaker system or as part of the ECTunes Intelligent Sound turnkey system.


A DSP-based production software solution with the same capabilities and data structures as SimSound but optimised by Meridian Audio to run on a specific chipset as an embedded solution. This solution allows OEMs to build sophisticated vehicle sound generation systems of their own design and manufactured by their preferred supplier.

The Experiential Engineering Team at Warwick will be using this suite of tools to understand which sounds should be used in electric vehicles, and how should they vary with vehicle and scenario parameters.

For more information please contact

Mark Allman-Ward

mallman at soundevaluations dot com