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Tools Developed

By working with our industrial partners and suppliers NoViSim Ltd., the APPRAISE team have had the opportunity to contribute towards the development of some new tools and facilities which can help engineers better understand how people evaluate the sound of conventional and electric vehicles.


To evaluate the effect of EV sound on safety and the environment we have constructed a new sound room. This is a facility which enables the sound of environments to be reproduced in a 3D sound field and in the presence of visual representations of the environment. The facility will also be used in our research into hospital sounds and urban soundscapes.


We recently developed a new steering system to our interactive NVH simulator. This ensures that the steering wheel feel is more realistic and provides the driver with feedback.


To understand how people evaluate cars on real roads, we have contributed towards the development of in-car data loggers, which capture visual and binaural sound and synchronise this information with data from a vehicle’s on-board computer. This can help us discover how people drive and which aspects of the vehicle sound quality can enhance their perception of performance, whilst reinforcing the feel of luxuriousness.


By collecting recordings interior and exterior sounds of Electric Vehicles, we have been able to develop models which can be used within interactive simulation.