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A unique opportunity to learn more about the importance of design within the context of manufacturing.

World-renowned designer Sebastian Conran was our guest speaker at the seminar on designing and manufacturing the future, part of the series of Design@WMG events hosted by our Experiential Engineering Group and WMG centre HVM Catapult.The event took place on Wednesday 10th May in the International Manufacturing Centre.sebastian_conran_photo_credit_-_jannecke_nilsen.jpg

The talk entitled “Form Follows Fabrication” gave attendees an insight into creating aspirational, innovative and successful user experiences, through Sebastian sharing his experiences from 40 years in the design industry.

The exceptional turnout at the event included WMG staff, students and guests, interested in hearing from an internationally recognised designer, on the significance of design and innovation, and the future of manufacturing.

(Photo credit - Jannecke Nilsen)


Form Follows Fabrication 

There is a virtuous circle: Excellent Design and Manufacturing creates Value, which in turn generates Sales and the Wealth that funds the Culture that eventually influences Design.

However good user-experience led product design & engineering is, it may become irrelevant if items or service are not chosen & purchased in the beginning. This is especially true today with on-line trading offering such a bewildering choice compared to the retail offering at the beginning of the 21st century. Nowadays, good design is no longer enough, it needs to be exceptional to win sales success - a key purpose of design is to create value in the mind of the consumer - and without this there is no trade and business will wither & die.

So how do we transform great Science, Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering into outstanding User Experience, Consumer Lifestyle and Social Culture? Today's innovative technology needs not just deliver functional behavior it also needs an appealing personality and to be emotionally engaging for it to be commercially successful; here design can also play a powerful role in bridging the gap between academic research and an accessible & engaging consumer experience.

Industrial Designer Sebastian Conran shares his 40 years of insight in working across the world creating aspirational, innovative and successful user experiences at many different value tiers from innovative childcare merchandise and emotionally engaging robotics, to luxury automotive leather goods and Concorde interiors.

Event Recording

Please check back soon for the event presentation and recording.

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