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Experiential Engineering Projects

The Experiential Engineering team is currently engaged in a number of funded projects covering a range of areas relating to environment design.

Customer Loyalty and Dynamic Seat Reservation System (CLoSeR)

This project brings together a team of industry and academic partners to deliver a step-change innovation to UK rail. Funded by Innovate UK through their Enhancing Customer Experience Rail competition. See details of the CLoSeR project here.

Social acceptance of driverless cars

We have on going participatory and public engagement activities to understand the trust, security and experiential issues concerning a driverless car future.

Sustainable luxury

This project explores the changing roles of automotive interior materials to deliver a luxury experience to customers. Funded by EPSRC and Jaguar and Land Rover.

PVTree: Imagining a 3D solar future

Imagine a future where solar power photovoltaic cells could become more aesthetically interesting and potentially attractive structures, while also yielding enormous benefits in terms of power produced per area. This project is a feasibility study involving computational geometry and optics as well as public perception and design research. Funded by GRP, University of Warwick.