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Energy Storage / Management Team

Professor Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings

Professor Jennings is head of the Energy Storage and Management research focus of WMG's HVM Catapult programme. He manages a number of staff working on projects in the catapult including the scale up of novel battery chemistries from laboratory to production line. Some of the research projects Prof Jennings team are currently working on in the Catapult include: future cells, battery tab joining, battery module development, battery pack development, battery ageing, battery modelling, battery management systems.

Professor Jennings has been involved in research with the automotive industry for over 20 years and now leads work in Experiential Engineering and also on hybrid and electric vehicle technologies and the factors affecting their successful introduction. He has been principal investigator for over 20 research grants and awards, worth over 5.5m, and has authored over 70 research publications.

Mark Amor-Segan

Over 25years experience in the development and validation of fault-tolerant embedded processing platforms. Areas of expertise include complex electronic and software based systems, telecommunications and diagnostics.

Anup Barai

Experience in energy storage systems testing and validation; and development of next generation ‘testing strategies’ for future energy storage systems.

Dr Stewart Birrell

Expertise in automotive ergonomics and human factors, from the design and evaluation of in-vehicle HMI to understanding how users interact with vehicle systems.

Nigel Curtis

Instrumentation Technician, 30+ years experience as electronics designer in automotive, EV and energy storage systems.

Gunwant Dhadyalla

Over 20 years’ experience in the automotive electronics industry. Managing technical research in the areas of embedded systems and high voltage architectures modelling.

Dr Yue Guo

With a doctorate from the University of Warwick, experience and expertise in modelling of automotive electronic systems, automated model based testing, battery modelling and characterization using new and existing techniques.

Dr Peter Jones

Reader in the School of Engineering: expertise in the field of systems and control with 30 years of experience in its application to industrial systems through collaboration with automotive companies.

Dr John Low

Assistant Professor in Energy Storage his work involves the design, build, test, characterisation and post-mortem analysis of electrochemical energy storage devices. Research focuses on accelerating the advances in electrochemistry research through to engineering scale-up, battery manufacturing and optimising electrode/electrolyte formulation.

Dr James Marco

A Chartered Engineer with over 15 years’ industry/academic experience of low carbon technologies for the transport and energy storage sectors. Specific areas of research include: systems engineering, real-time control, systems modelling, design optimisation and the design of energy management control systems

Dr Andrew McGordon

A physicist with industrial experience of modelling in the steel industry, applying modelling to hybrid vehicles and components, specifically battery technologies and energy management. Supervising the installation of test facilities for hybrid vehicles and electrical energy storage.

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore has been operating in industrial electronics design/research/development for 3 decades providing electronic designs and expertise in a diverse ranging of industrial areas, ranging from Automotive, Aerospace & Rail ATE systems; to Product designs for RADAR, LASERs, MIG Welders, Robotics and Microbiology. His research interests are in Parasitic effects on system behaviour in high power systems (predominantly inverter based) and Battery Electro-chemistry characterisation.

Sina Shojaei

Experienced in modelling, and evaluation of electro-mechanical hybrid powertrains, control strategy development and powertrain optimisation.

Dr Ravichandra Tangirala

Experienced in electrical and electrochemical study, characterization, testing and development of batteries.

Adrian Taylor

VEF precision engineering technician with 40 years experience in both mechanical and electrical engineering, covering precision toolroom, aerospace and polymer manufacture fields.

Dr James Taylor

Data mining and predictive analytics expert: experienced in working with large-volume, information-rich data sets from automotive and other industries for the development of diagnostic and prognostic systems.

Terrence Timms

Technician with technical expertise in mechanical & electrical engineering also proven automotive & engine CAD design.

Dr Kotub Uddin

Theoretical physicist by training with industrial experience specialising in applied mathematical modelling and scientific computing.

Dr Widanalage Dhammika Widanage

Research interests are in the areas of lithium-ion battery modelling, electric vehicles and mechatronics. Dr Dhammika is specifically interested in developing modelling techniques for battery dynamics and mechatronic systems by viewing them within a dynamic system framework and an inverse
problem setting.

Dr Chek Pin Yang

System modelling and performance analysis of high voltage architectures including powertrain and motor control using Simulink, Dymola, COMSOL and PSPICE; wireless charging systems for HEVs.