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Research Themes

Our research is focused on four themes of lightweight structures, energy storage and managenment, advanced propulsion and autonomous vehicles. These have all been highlighted by the Automotive Council as key areas for the UK automotive industry to develop in order to be globally competitive.

Lightweight Structures
  • Design and modelling of multimaterial novel structures

  • Advanced machining techniques using ultrasound and cryogenics

  • Injection moulded polymers reinforced by nanomaterials

  • High-speed, low cost composites manufacturing

  • Additive layer manufacturing

  • Metrology and 3D visualisation

Energy Storage and Management
  • Full lifecycle approach to battery technology, development and characterisation

  • Battery tear down and forensic analysis

  • Modelling and verification of all-electric and complex hybrid drive systems

  • Improved power density solutions at systems level

  • Testing of whole hybrid vehicle powertrains, components, and subsystems

Advanced Propulsion
  • power electronics, electric machines as well as battery and control systems
  • focus on increasing electrification and hybridisation of all vehicle types
  • National Automotive Research Centre is currently being built and will focus on research themes across: internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric systems, lightweight vehicle technology and advanced automotive control
Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart and connected multi-disciplinary vehicle research
  • Investigating safety, robustness and cyber security
  • Drive-in automotive simulator facility

Dezhi Car

Battery Lab 300

advanced propulsion