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Low Carbon Vehicle Technology

The battery cell cycler provides a system for testing single battery cells. These tests provide information on cell capacity, cell performance characteristics and cell ageing. The environmental chamber provides a temperature controlled environment for the test to minimise variation and ensure consistent results are obtained at each selected temperature. The thermal imaging camera observes the thermal distribution and measures the absolute temperature of the specimen during test.


Research Challenge

Electric and hybrid vehicles require several hundred cells to be connected to create a complete battery pack. Manufacturers have considered utilising various techniques such as soldering, laser/ultrasonic welding, to perform cell tab to cell tab, and cell tab to busbar connections. However, the connection made by the chosen technique requires evaluation of electrical conductivity and thermal behaviour to ensure the desired performance is reached.

The challenge was to investigate the performance of the chosen connection technique.


WMG's battery characterisation research team undertook a series of performance and characterisation tests of a variety of battery cell technologies using WMG's advanced lithium ion battery testing facility. The chosen connection technique was validated for the manufacturer's specific application. In addition, the chosen welding technique has been adopted for the production of a prototype battery pack.

Battery Characterisation and Energy Testing: