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Digital Prototyping using Advanced Metrology Systems

The optical measuring co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) allows for on-site measurement of components requiring a large measuring volume. The optical measurement technology uses infrared LED markers allowing for more accurate measurement and production of 3D data. The visualisation and interaction software allows virtual inspections and physical user interaction with a component or product to effectively support the design review process.


Research Challenge

Stable Solutions Ltd is an experienced motorsport design consultancy whose customers include Formula 1 and MotoGP race teams. Stable Solutions Ltd was involved in designing a custom-made chassis to fit around a MotoGP engine for Fabrication Techniques Racing. As prototypes are expensive and time consuming, Stable Solutions wanted to ensure they achieved the chassis design and dimensions accurately the first time.

The challenge was to assist them in reducing the timescale of the design process by capturing the engine's geometry data and converting the data into a CAD environment in order to produce a working 3D image which could be inspected and manipulated to improve the design process.

Scanning a component to produce workable data for a CAD model involves skill, time and effort. Laser scanning technologies have aided engineers to produce accurate measurements and allows them to capture and quickly turn a physical part into a 3D model, providing competitive advantage.


WMG's Product Evaluation research team used a highly accurate handheld laser scanner to scan the engine. The volume of the engine was measured, this pinpointed the placement of the critical mounting points to produce a 3D prototype model.

Stable Solutions were able to take the data and 3D model back with them and use it to design their chassis with the confidence that they were going to achieve the right results first time.

Once the prototype chassis had been created the team invited Stable Solutions back to WMG to scan the newly created prototype to make certain that if any modifications needed to be made to the engine, and subsequently to the chassis, the changes could immediately be applied to the 3D digital model. The prototype was projected onto the team's visualisation powerwall which provides a virtual reality image of the motorbike prototype, allowing Stable Solutions to interact and inspect the motorbike as a whole.

Stable Solutions designers estimated that the team's assistance saved them 2-3 months of engineering time. A critical cost saving was made and competitive advantage was gained in the market place.


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