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Dye Sublimation of Plastic Parts

Injection moulding is a mass manufacturing technique for plastic components. WMG has a range of these machines which enable us to produce a size range of components of commercial quality.

The UV Weatherometer allows us to consider damage for environmental exposure to light, heat and moisture enabling us to control and measure any degradation due to environmental factors.

The Triton DTA measures transition temperatures of materials such as polymers and dyes. It also allows us to probe the energy absorbing characteristics of small samples of materials.

Research Challenge

To extend the understanding and use of dye sublimation technology as a decoration for plastic components for IDT Systems Ltd.


WMG's knowledge, expert advice and access to technology proved valuable to IDT Systems. The project allowed them to evaluate the technology and processes against their product requirements and as a result they have extended their commercial range.

Injection Moulding at WMG: