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Remote Fibre Laser Welding

Remote laser welding is a metal joining technology that is a non-contact process, and with the high welding speeds available, the produced parts can demonstrate improved dimensional stability when compared to parts produced using more traditional metal joining technologies.


Research Challenge

An investigation to understand how the joining process and associated technology should be applied in an automotive body manufacturing centre.


WMG's automation research team undertook activities such as:

  • understanding the parameters that influence the welding process
  • assessing the join attributes for a range of steel and alloy materials
  • identifying and assessing process failure modes
  • identifying and outlining process engineering considerations
  • identifying whether the technology meets the industry partner's requirements

The information was summarised in a business case which was presented at the European Automotive Applications seminar in Germany, where it was used as a benchmark and is now used as an industry base cost model.

Additional beneficial outcomes included:

  • newly created process engineering guidelines
  • redeveloped welding standards achieved
  • tooling guidelines developed by Comau and WMG which demonstrated and verified the guideline results

WMG's expert advice and access to its automation facilities provided a valuable R&D testing hub to all the partners.

Laser Welding at WMG: