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Cold Metal Transfer Welding Processes

Automated Fusion Welding is a metal joining technology capable of joining steel and aluminium. The technology enables an increase in production speeds and quantity, saving time and cost.


Research Challenge

To investigate innovative fusion welding processes to deliver an efficient and simplified application for use on Jaguar Land Rover's assembly line.


WMG's Automation and Manufacturing research team assessed and verified a variety of fusion welding processes to fit the requirements of Jaguar Land Rover's assembly lines.

A technical business case was developed which outlined the welding options that would fit Jaguar Land Rover's needs, as well as an investment cost analysis and the benefits and drawbacks of the welding technologies.

During the assessment exercise, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) gained significant knowledge of the capability of each of the technologies and subsequent processes in relation to their assembly line. This proved valuable in exploring alternative processes and fully understanding the technology. This enabled JLR to make effective manufacturing decisions and sound investment changes.

Without the expert advice and access to welding technology, provided by WMG, the decision making process would have been very difficult for JLR to fully understand whether the technology matched the requirements of their manufacturing assembly line.