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Non-destructive X-ray Scanning for Quality Inspection of Weld Joining

The industrial computed tomography (CT) scanner uses x-ray equipment to produce highly detailed three-dimensional images of components, both internal and external, which can be used for flaw detection, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.


Research Challenge

Cab Automotive Ltd manufactures high quality seats for the automotive industry and premium seating for niche transportation.

Cab Automotive's seating frame encompasses a large volume of metal work and they wanted to conduct a detailed analysis of the quality of every weld joint to ensure they had the right integrity on their complex seating frame. Cab traditionally inspected the joins by physically cutting apart and dissecting every weld. This was a huge time and cost exercise for the company.


WMG's Product Evaluation Technologies research team used their x-ray CT scanner to precision scan the seating frame and inspect every weld in just 25 hours.

The CT scanning method proved to be cost-effective, significantly more efficient and produced highly accurate measurements.

This non-destructive testing signified £50,000 in process savings. This technology can also help improve time to market without having to go through lengthy new product development phases.

Product Evaluation Facilities at WMG: