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IINM Research: Ceramic Processing Group

The Ceramic Processing group is led by Dr Claire Dancer and is based in the International Institute for Nanocomposite Manufacturing at WMG, University of Warwick.


Our research focuses on the processing of ceramic materials and highly-loaded polymer-ceramic nanocomposites for a range of functional and structural applications. We carry out experiments to understand how to enhance and control the mechanisms which lead to optimal microstructure of the material, such that the processing can be optimised and made as efficient as possible. We are particularly interested in the challenges of processing materials with graded and spatially-varying compositions, where the control of residual stresses is critical.

Applications for our materials are wide-ranging, and previous projects have been carried out on superconducting magnets, ceramic armour materials, metamaterials for electromagnetic devices, wear surfaces, all-ceramic joints, and biomaterial bone replacement scaffolds.

To read more about previous research, follow the links on the right to our publications online.

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