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If you are interested in joining our group, please read the relevant sections below before contacting Please include a CV along with your enquiry.

Current Funded Vacancies:

PhD Position: "Tailored routes to architectured ceramic nanocomposite materials for energy and communications applications"
Supervised by Dr Claire Dancer and Prof. Tony McNally

Ceramic nanocomposite materials are hard-wearing, can be used at high temperatures, and have many unique electrical and magnetic properties. However like all ceramics they have limited mechanical strength in tension/bending, and have fixed functional properties such as dielectric constant. This project will develop reliable and scalable methods for the production of architectured ceramic nanocomposites, where the mechanical stresses are controlled by tailoring the structure of the material through internal compositional variations built into the design. Such materials have unique properties unobtainable from conventional materials, and as such are useful for a huge range of applications including both mechanical and electromagnetic purposes. By working primarily with typical materials used for applications in energy storage (such as supercapacitors) and communications (such as lenses and waveguides), this project will provide the methods to enable the manufacture of devices with unique and enhanced properties.

This project will involve the manufacture of ceramic materials with graded compositions by routes including die pressing and 3D printing, as well as studying the sintering process to optimise the microstructure of the resulting materials. The student will gain hands-on experience in a range of characterisation techniques including microscopy and spectroscopy to measure the microstructural, mechanical and functional properties of the materials. The project will be based within the new International Institute for Nanocomposite Manufacturing (IINM) at the University of Warwick.

Funding is available for UK or EU students, giving fees and maintenance at RCUK Level for 3 years.

Candidates should hold a 1st or 2.1 degree in any science or engineering discipline which had some materials content (materials science, physics, engineering, chemistry, etc.).

If you are interested in applying for this position please email c dot dancer at warwick dot ac dot uk attaching a current CV.

The Full Project Description can be downloaded in pdf from this link.

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General Information:

Potential Postdoctoral Researchers:

Postdoctoral positions on funded projects will be advertised in the space above. If you are an established postdoctoral researcher, or will shortly finish your PhD, and are interested in joining our research group by securing your own fellowship, please get in touch with your CV prior to making any applications.

Potential PhD students:

Funded PhD positions associated with specific research topics will be advertised on this page, on the WMG webpage and via

If you are interested in carrying out a PhD on a topic related to our research, please get in touch with your ideas. Typically our projects are suitable for graduates of materials science, engineering, chemistry or physics, and are very practical in nature. A Master’s level degree is expected though this requirement may be waived if candidates have sufficient hands-on research experience from their Bachelor’s degree.

Due to the limitations of funding bodies in the UK, available funding is often restricted to UK/EU students only. The University of Warwick runs the Chancellor’s International scholarship scheme for students of other nationalities. If you are considering applying for this scheme please be advised that it is extremely competitive and you must contact Dr Claire Dancer at least 2 months in advance of making your application to allow sufficient time for a strong application to be prepared. The closing date for this scheme is usually in early January.

If you are planning to apply for a scholarship from another source, such as your home Government, please get in touch with Dr Claire Dancer to discuss your application in advance.