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Group Members

Current group members:

Dr Lukasz Figiel (Head of the Group)

Dr Mikhail Poluektov (Chemo-mechanical continuum modelling of electrode materials)

Ms Edyta Dzikon (Molecular modelling of interfacial interactions in polymer nanocomposites)

Mr Nathan Parsons (Continuum micromechanical modelling of nonlinear viscoelastic deformations)

Former group members:

Ms Kharmen Billimoria (Insight into stress-induced crystallisation of biobased polymers via X-ray scattering techniques) (with Dr E. Heeley)

Ms Katerina Gonos (Chemo-micromechanical Finite Element modelling of lithium ion batteries)

Mr Henry Charlesworth (Coarse-grained MD modelling of polymer-graphene nanocomposites) (with Dr D. Quigley)

Ms Avanthika Jhanji (All-atom MD modelling of polymer deformations) (with Dr J. Kermode)