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Research Students

PhD Students

Ms Beth Dickens

Project - Sythesis and Characterisation of Network Polymers

Co-Supervisor - Prof Tony McNally

Masters Students

Mr Marco Benedetti

Project - Suspension cationic polymerisation

Collaboration with

Professor Marco Sangermano and Professor Roberto Pisano (Turin Polytechnic)

Mr Kaiqing Yao

Project - Supply chain effects of RFID tagging in composite pallets


Completed - September 2015

Ms Jennifer Kate Pailma

Project - Branched polymers and their control of network formation

Kate Pailma

Completed - August 2015

Undergraduate students

Ms Shelby Holmes

Project -Use of starch in hot melt extrusion and viability of drug component

Co-Supervisor - Prof Tony McNally

Completed - September 2015

Mr Matt Donald

Project - Comparing Adhesion in new Polyurethane-Siloxy Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for
Transdermal Drug Delivery

Matt Donald

Joint project

with Prof Dave Haddleton (Chemistry)

Completed -

September 2015