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Multi-materials: Application and Disposal Group


Plastic engineering covers a wide range of material, processes and application areas. The Multi-materials: Application and Disposal group is led by Dr Vannessa Goodship and bridges the gap between blue sky academic research and industrial practice by addressing application process engineering issues whilst developing solutions for both future technology and recycling needs.

The group mainly specialises in the processing of thermoplastic materials and hybridisation of conventional process routes. It also has expertise in plastic formulation, application, performance and disposal within an industry application context. This also includes expertise in related aspects of current environmental policy and legislation.

In line with industrial needs for process integration and emissions reduction, the group has developed a range of laminate multi-material systems aimed at process stage reduction for the benefit of product cost, carbon emissions and customisation.

The group has received a number of direct industrial grants from both the aerospace and oil sectors as well as receiving Innovate UK, NATEP and EPSRC funding.

Current Projects

Inverted StructureDisruptive manufacturing of multi-layer solar photovoltaic
This research looks at the potential to embed functional photovoltaic coatings within mass manufactured plastic products. It involves consideration of other processing technologies such as inkjet printing and spin coating, and covers material formulation and material interactions.

This work has already contributed to a patent.

(Goodship, V., Middleton, B., Cherrington, R. [2012] 'Manufacture of components incorporating electro-activity', GB1222327.7)

Cherrington, R., D. J. Hughes, et al. (2015). "Inkjet-Printed TiO2 Nanoparticles from Aqueous Solutions for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs)." Energy Technology 3(8): 866-870.

Multifunctional carbon fibre composites

Building function into composite structures, creates a whole number of design possibilities for the future. This area has been developed and been funded by aerospace but is applicable to a number of cross sector composite applications. The project looks at the science behind the application of these materials into a structural composite production environment.

V. Goodship, B. Middleton, R. Cherrington [Eds], Multifunctionality in Composites, Injection Moulding, and 3D Printing.
Elsevier, 2015.

Novel liner materials

Funded by NATEP, this project looks at spray coating and injection moulding as alternative production routes for wear resistant materials.

Polymer Gears

Materials for high wear conditions

Application of conductive polymers

Creating new products for the electrical industry by applying conductive materials in novel applications is the focus of this EngD project in cojunction with an industrial partner.

Mass manufacturing of thin film batteries by injection moulding

Creating a novel mass production solid state device using conventional processing techniques is the aim of this blue sky project which investigates a range of multi-material electrochemical systems but from a unique polymer processing perspective.

Self Healing Material Systems

New approaches to developing self healing applications


The new materials of today create the waste stream of tomorrow, as new materials become more fully integrated into manufacture and therefore waste streams, investigating their behaviour when recycled becomes of paramount importance for the future.

Vannessa Goodship (Editor), Ab Stevels (Editor) - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Weee) Handbook (Woodhead Publishing Series in Electronic and Optical Materials) 30 Sep 2012

 Vannessa Goodship (Editor), Management, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Composites, Woodhead, Cambridge UK 30 Jan 2010


Injection Moulding

Key Contact
Dr Vannessa Goodship

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Vivienne Tsimbili
E dot V dot Tsimbili at warwick dot ac dot uk

Group Members

Dr Vannessa Goodship

Dr Bethany Middleton

Dr Eleni Fiamegkou

Ms Ruth Cherrington

Ms Tracy Bracken Thompson

Ms Wai Kam Chung - " Jojo"

Dr Kylash Makenji

Mr Michael Wood (With Dr D. Hughes)

Mrs Helena Simmonds (With Prof K. Kendall)

Mr Neil Reynolds (with Prof R. Dashwood, Dr D.Hughes)

Professor Gordon Smith