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System Integration of High Voltage Drives


The Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project held a series of presentations at the Cenex HEVC11 Event that took place in the International Digital Laboratory at Warwick University on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th May 2011.

The key purpose was to raise awareness of the research being carried out on the Project through a series of technical presentations covering 13 of the research and development workstreams.

Details of this event can be downloaded here.


The following presentations were given over the two day event and can all be freely downloaded:

Workstream 1 - Battery and Battery Packs (Dr. Valerie Self, TMETC)

Workstream 2 - Electric Traction Motors, and guidance to their practical application (Dr. John Reeve, Ricardo)

Workstream 3 - Power Electronic Solutions for Electric Vehicles (Prof. Phil Mawby, The University of Warwick)

Workstream 4 - High Voltage Battery and Power Distribution Technology (Robert Ball, Ricardo)

Workstream 5 - Auxiliary Power Units (Matthew Little, Ricardo)

Workstream 6 - Vehicle Supervisory Control (VSC) (Cian Harrington, Cranfield University)

Workstream 7 - Lightweight Structures (David Mossop, The University of Warwick)

Workstream 8 - Vehicle Dynamics and Traction control for Maximum Energy Recovery (Phil Barber, Jaguar Land Rover)

Workstream 9 - High Efficiency Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning & System Cooling (Neil Beloe, Jaguar Land Rover)

Workstream 10 - Waste Energy Recovery (Neil McGregor, Ricardo)

Workstream 11 - Waste Heat Recovery (Mark Ellis, Jaguar Land Rover)

Workstream 12 - Aerodynamic Efficiency (Trevor Haynes, Coventry University)

Workstream 13 - Interacting with electric vehicles: users’ experience of the human machine interfaces (Tom Wellings, The University of Warwick). Further information about this research can be downloaded here.


For more information about future LCVTP events please email: lowcarbon at warwick dot ac dot uk