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Event Presentations


Presentation given by John O'Connor at the CENEX LCV2010 event at Millbrook on 15th September 2010

Accelerating LCV Technology Applications


Presentations from the Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project Supplier Expo 23rd February 2010 at The Heritage Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire

Presentation by John O'Connor & Gavin Bottrell (WMG at The University of Warwick)

Presentation by Mike Richardson (Jaguar Land Rover)

Presentation by David Ruffell (TATA Motors European Technical Centre)

Presentation by Aidan Gregory (Zytek)


Presentations from the Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project Automotive Lightweight Structures Dissemination Event on 17th November 2011 at IMC Auditorium, WMG, University of Warwick

Introduction by G. Williams, Workstream 7 Project Manager (WMG)

Lightweight Vehicle Architecture Optimisation by R. Nicholson (Coventry University )

Materials & Process Development For Structural Applications by M. Pharaoh (WMG)

Development Of Joining Techniques For Lightweight Materials by D. Hughes (WMG)

Physical Test Programmes & Outcomes by N. Reynolds (WMG)

Developing Robust Predictive Models For Composites CAE by O.Tomlin ( GRM Consulting Ltd)

Lightweight Seat Development by M. Cromarty (Tata Motors European Technical Centre)


Presentations from the Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project Final Dissemination Event on 21st February, 2012 at the IMC, WMG, University of Warwick

National Perspective on Low Carbon Technology: Why Programmes Like LCVTP Matter (Keynote speech by Robert Evans, Cenex)

Life Cycle CO2 Footprint of a LCVTP Vehicle (Ricardo)

LCVTP Technical and Socio-Econmic Achievements (WMG)

The Development and Demonstration of APU Technology (Ricardo)

Benchmarking and Teardown Activities Undertaken on Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt (TMETC)

WS1 Battery and Battery Packs (TMETC)

WS12 Aerodynamic Performance Research Findings (Coventry University)

Vehicle Lightweighting: Materials, Processes, and Life Cycle Assessment (WMG)