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Human Machine Interface Engineering (HMI)

To aid customer acceptance, and improve the user experience of future low carbon vehicles, it is vital to consider the Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) from a user-centred perspective. Specifically, this means understanding the interaction between the driver/passenger and the vehicle, and designing the user interface to maximise usability, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Advances in technology are creating additional issues such as novel starting/stopping procedures, or communicating the effect that driving style has on the potential mileage range. Project teams focused on developing new techniques for trialling and evaluating new concepts and HMI issues within hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles.


Achievements include:
  • A comprehensive review of methods and technologies used to aid driver interaction
  • A quantitative and qualitative analysis of driver feedback relating to HMI issues
  • The development of new methodologies for capturing voice-of-the customer feedback from low carbon vehicle drivers
  • A range of conceptual HMI solutions trialled on a driving simulator
Business Impact – New Products and Processes
Jaguar Land Rover has produced a set of standards covering HMI aspects relating to hybrid electric vehicles to ensure consistency across platforms and brands, utilising the results relating to hybrid electric vehicle issues including: charging port design and location, touchscreen characteristics, instrument cluster content, warning messages and the breadth and depth of information presented in different vehicle power modes.

Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) has developed driver information methods for electric vehicles to address the challenge of range anxiety. The results of work into remote feedback and range information have been used to develop electric vehicle driver information management systems. The expertise gained here is also being used in the development of future cross-platform infotainment systems.

Lead Partner


Supporting Expertise

Coventry University
Jaguar Land Rover
Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC)