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High Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems

The new generation of electric and hybrid vehicles demand a lightweight, flexible and safe system for distributing high voltages around the vehicle. Our work in this area centred on enabling technologies to produce a generic, safe, scalable, lightweight and low cost HVEDS that is standards compliant.


Achievements include:
  • A comprehensive design guidebook covering the major aspects of high voltage distribution systems and related automotive standards
  • An investigation into past and projected industry trends in this field
  • A study into charging system interfaces and cables
  • A proposal for optimising the system design architecture
  • A computer simulation model to enable the virtual testing of new high voltage electrical system concepts
  • A study considering manufacturing, assembly, safety, servicing and recycling aspects


Business Impact – New Products and Processes
Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) developed the concept for a design guidebook and coordinated input from project partners. The guidebook emphasises the combined research by demonstrating the relevance of the combined material to the HVEDS requirements. A comprehensive case study is included to give an example of applied methods and techniques and how to apply this to achieve a realistic electric vehicle design.

A new cable-sizing tool has been developed by Ricardo to allow initial high voltage cable cross-sectional areas to be estimated, based on system voltage and power ratings. Parameters were derived from thermal models and validated using experimental data. The application of this tool is part of the case study within the guidebook. This innovative free-standing tool will be used by Ricardo in conjunction with their cable database.

High Voltage Electronic Distribution Systems


Lead Partner

Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC)

Supporting Expertise

Jaguar Land Rover
Zytek Automotive