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Digital Lifecycle Management Group Achievements

2013 Achievements

Students achievements

Asif Iquebal, our undergraduate summer intern from IIT-Kharagpur and Avishek Pal, who just submitted their paper to European Journal of Operational Research

Chetan Shrouti, MSc student, and Pasquale Franciosa,Senior Research Fellow had their paper accepted for the publication at the 2nd International Through-Life Engineering Service Conference, October 5-6, Cranfield University, Milton Keynes, UK.

Abhishek Das received the Best Poster Award at the 2013 British Computer Society (BCS) University Challenge.

Erik Puik, Ph.D. student, who had three of his papers accepted for publication at (i) IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing (ISAM); (ii) International Conference Flexible Automation and Intelligence Manufacturing (FAIM); and (iii)7th International Conference on Axiomatic Design (ICAD).

Avishek Pal, Ph.D. student, who had his paper accepted for publication at: 2nd International Through-Life Engineering Service Conference.

Dr. Nagesh Shukla, recent DLM alumni from WMG, who had three of his papers published or accepted for publication at; (i) International Journal of Production Research; (ii) Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing; and (iii) Applied Mathematical Modelling.

Dr. W. Huang and Dr. James Kong, PhD. Graduates and currently Associate Professors at U-Massachusetts and Virginia Tech., respectively; who had our collaborative paper accepted for publication at: IIE Transactions, Design and Manufacturing.

Research Grants Awarded in 2013

Avishek Pal , helped in securing one grant:
- “Adaptive Reliability Target Settings for No-Fault-Found Failure Mode Avoidance”. Funded by UK EPSRC CIM in Through-life Engineering Services: Feasibility Study.

Dr. Sudi Lahiri secured two grants:
- “Strategic Capacity Planning for the University Hospitals, Coventry & Warwickshire”. Funded by NHS. This will also help us to develop EU Horizon 2020 programme.
- “Partnership to establish collaborative research on health system engineering: "Improving Health Service Delivery through System Modelling" with Boston University, MA, US.”

5-year grant from EPSRC.
- “Self-Resilience Reconfigurable Assembly Systems with In-Process Quality Improvement”. This project will be conducted in collaboration with: (i) industrial partners (JLR, BAE, Hexagon, ES, Stadco, …); (ii) university partners (Complexity Science Centre; CIM in Advanced Metrology; HVM Catapult) .