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Prof. Ceglarek at ILAS

Prof. Darek Ceglarek and his team attended in March this year ILAS (Industrial Laser Application Symposium). This is the UK's biggest laser conference where cutting edge applications and latest developments are presented and discussed. The event is organized by the Association of Laser Users (AILU) and provides a great opportunity for those involved in the development and applications of Laser Materials Processing to present their work and showcase their products.

Prof. Ceglarek Presented Keynote paper on: "Remote Laser Welding System Navigator for Eco- and Resilient Automotive Factories" The presentation was focused on the introduction of the EU FP7 RLW Navigator programme which integrates a universal simulation engine and experimental models to precisely configure, optimize and control laser welding process variation, production throughput and cost. It serves as a crucial enabler for future energy efficient smart factories by addressing the need for frequently changing operating conditions and product mix provisions. It will lead to developing a system that removes trial-and-error from the process using precise mathematical modelling. Results will deliver significant efficiencies manufacturers want from the process.

For more information on the project please see visit or contact Prof. Ceglarek directly at

ILAS March 2013