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DML team members presented two papers in the 15th CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing, in Milan – Italy, during 11th -13th June 2018.

Manoj Babu presented the paper titled “Shape Error Modelling and Analysis by Conditional Simulations of Gaussian Random Fields for Compliant Non-Ideal Sheet Metal Parts”

The paper proposes a novel conditional simulation based methodology to probabilistically model and generate non-ideal sheet metal parts’ geometric variations is developed. The methodology generates part geometric variations, which accurately emulates parts’ fabrication process in terms of covariance of generated deviations. The conference focused on the progress in the fields of dimensional and geometrical tolerancing, dimensional metrology, uncertainty management, standardization.
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Vahid Shahi presented teh paper titled " Quality-driven Optimization of Assembly Line Configuration for Multi-Station Assembly Systems with Compliant Non-Ideal Sheet Metal Parts"

This paper focuses on modelling and optimization of multi-station assembly line configuration for systems with compliant non-ideal sheet-metal parts. The proposed methodology is based on: (1) assembly sequence generation; (2) multi-station assembly variation propagation model and simulations considering batch of non-ideal parts, station-to-station repositioning error and spring-back phenomenon; (3) development of assembly configuration index; and, (4) calculation of optimal configuration based on stochastic robust optimization. The methodology is demonstrated using automotive front-rail subassembly process.

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