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Dr Pasquale Franciosa


Senior Research Fellow



International Manufacturing Centre, WMG

University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)2476 573422
Mobile: +44(0)7440022523
Office: IMC - room 351 (3rd Floor)


Dr Pasquale Franciosa is a Senior Research Fellow at WMG department of University of Warwick. His research focus is manufacturing assembly process simulation and process monitoring/control, machine learning and multi-disciplinary/multi-objective optimization. In 2010, he earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering System at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. In 2009 Visiting Fellow at MIT (Boston - USA) working on robotics and motion/constraint analysis. In 2007 Visiting PhD Student at the Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris – SUPMECA (France) working on variation simulation of compliant assembly systems. He has been contributing on several academic and industrial projects (founded by Italy MIUR; UK EPSRC; EU FP7) involving: (i) dimensional management control and innovative tools development to predict stack-up of variations (defects) propagating in multi-stage assembly systems, (ii) CAD and FEA modelling, (iii) multi-physics simulation for product/process performance improvement, (iv) remote laser welding process design and control. He is author and co-author of about 50 papers, published on international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. His research papers have received ~270 independent citations (Google Scholar - H-index: 10).

CHAIRED PhD Students

Özkat, Erkan Caner: Physics-driven modelling of remote laser welding joint quality for in-process monitoring and control. The research involves the integration of multi-physics models and data mining approaches to develop a predictive model of the RLW joint with near-to-zero physical experiments.

Manoj K Babu: Variation simulation analysis and synthesis of multi-stage assembly systems with Compliant Parts at Early Design Phase. The research involves modelling and simulation of both single- and multi-stage assembly systems with the final aim of achieving zero-defect assembly systems. The topic of the PhD fits very well with current trends in manufacturing to achieve zero-defect strategy (i.e., Industry 4.0, Factory-of-the-Future).

Ercihan Kiraci: Sensor fusion methodology for in-line process control of automotive assembly systems. The research involves integration of advanced metrology technique and quality control methods to improve the quality of the assembly process.


Digital Design and Manufacturing Track

Franciosa P., Kovács A., Erdős G., Ceglarek D., Váncza J., Fixture Design Synthesis of Robotic Remote Laser Welding with Compliant Sheet Metal Non-Ideal Parts, submitted to Computer Aided Design, July 2016.

Chen Luo, Franciosa P, Ceglarek D, Zhonghua Ni, Fang Jia, A Novel Geometric Tolerance Model based on Parametric Envelop Space, submitted to IEEE Transactions, July 2016.

Babu, KM., Franciosa P., Ceglarek D., Generation of Part Geometric Errors for Variation Simulation Analysis of Deformable Parts at Preliminary Design Phase, December 2016.

Palit A., Franciosa P., and Ceglarek D., Optimal workpiece placement for in-line robotic measurement using 6 DOF robot with blue light optical gage , 2016

Palit A., Franciosa P., Vien M., and Ceglarek D., Modelling of active thermography to optimise the process parameters in identifying blind holes in aluminium penels, 2016

Process Monitoring and Control Track

Ozkat, E., Franciosa P., Ceglarek D., In-Process Monitoring of Remote Laser Welding Process Based on Decoupled Multiple-physics Simulation, to be submitted to Journal of Optics and Lasers in Engineering, December 2016.

Ozkat, E., Franciosa P., Ceglarek D., Laser Dimpling Process Parameters Selection and Optimization Using Surrogate-driven Process Capability Space, udner review on Optics and Laser Technology, August 2016.

Vitolo F, Franciosa P, Ceglarek D, Multi-Weighted Task Sequencing Method for In-line Metrology of Automotive Assembly Systems, Robotics and Automation, December 2016


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