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Fixture Layout Analyser and Optimiser Simulation Tool

The Fixture Layout Analyser and Optimiserallows to model the impact of dimensional and geometrical variation (as generated by the Part Variation Modeller) on process parameters (number and location of clamps). This implies that the fixture is optimised not only for a nominal product but also for “real” product as coming from production, considering the batch-to-batch or within batch variation. The main outcomes are: (i) footprint of clamp layout (to be transferred to the mechanical design of the fixture) and (ii) numerical evaluation of critical performance requirements, such as assembly deviation, reaction forces on the clamps/supports and/or elastic spring-back. Tool’s integration capabilities are: (i) optimised product design loop to generate a feasible assembly process; (ii) optimum locator/clamp layout; (iii) joining process parameters’ loop; (iv) work-station optimisation loop with robot simulation and path planning (as related to WP2). The Fixture Layout Analyser & Optimiser can be used as interactive/collaborative framework among process and product design engineers. The developed GUI (see Fig. 1) offers interactive tools to facilitate user’s data input and visualisation of results.


Figure 1 Fixture Layout Analyser and Optimiser interface simulation tool

What is it?

  • Determine clamp locating layout to optimise part-to-part fit-up geometry

What does it do?

  • Definition and application of design locator strategy
  • Optimisation of clamp position to satisfy joint fit-up geometry
  • Optimisation of clamp position to satisfy assembly dimensional quality


  • Improved interaction between product and process engineering
  • Reduced engineering implementation cost
  • Reduced fixture design time and engineering design changes
  • Reduction of fixture content and complexity
  • Reduction of installation, commissioning and launch time
  • Improved assembly quality

Fixture Layout Analyser and Optimiser