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Laser Parameters Optimiser Simulation Tool

The Laser Parameter Optimiser simulation tool allows to select and optimize the joining process parameters (i.e., laser power and welding speed). It links (through response surface method) the input process parameters to the output joint performances, such as joint cross section, penetration, interface width (see Fig. 1). The analytical relation is obtained by combining physical experimentation and computer simulation. Optimum parameter settings are then automatically calculated, depending on material stack-up combinations and performance constraints based on industry standards (i.e., joint strength, penetration or visual appearance). The developed simulation tools have been successfully tested and validated using industrial case study of automotive door assembly with RLW joining process.


Figure 1. Laser Parameter Optimizer simulation tool

What is it?

  • Determine optimum laser welding/dimpling parameter selection

What does it do?

  • Definition of optimum process parameters (i.e., power, speed), based on defined output criteria:

o Maximum joint quality

o Minimum cycle time

o Minimum power demand

  • Automatic identification of feasible process windows
  • Allow process optimisation loop with robot simulation and path planning


  • Improved joint quality
  • Facilitate parameter selection based on process performance
  • Reduced engineering implementation cost
  • Reduced number of process parameter adjustements
  • Reduction of installation, commissiong and launch time

Laser Process Parameters Optimiser