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Laser Welding Simulation Primer Simulation Tool

The tool provides to the user valuable information of the welds characteristics such as temperature field, keyhole and melting pool during laser welding processes. It does that by integrating a numerical approach which models the phenomena of laser welding combining Enthalpy and Finite Differences methods. The implementation of FD method allows the user to specify few parameters to run the model and with enthalpy method the user does not have to take special care about the phase transitions during laser welding. The tool supports a high level GUI and it has been developed and built in JAVA environment. The output of the tool can assist the engineer to a pre-experimental stage to quickly and accurately predict the laser welding results for different crucial process parameters. The integration of the particular tool can reduce the number and the time of experiments in any engineering environment (from laboratories to industry). The structure of the GUI depicts a user friendly approach due to the fact that the inputs that are needed from the user are in the left side and the outputs are placed in the right side of the window. The necessary inputs that the solver demands in order to proceed with the results are the material characteristics, the laser source and laser beam details and finally information about the meshing and the time discretization.

What is it?

  • Simulation tool that provides the characteristics of the weld (temperature field, key hole, melting pool) during laser welding process

What does it do?

  • Models laser welding combining Finite Differences and Enthalpy method
  • Provides as an output the temperature-related results (i.e. 3D & surface distribution), utilizing a easy to use GUI


  • Easy and quick estimation of the welding resuts using different process parameters
  • Visualization of the key hole shape
  • Reduction of the number and time of experiments