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Assembly Layout & Process Estimator

With the Assembly Layout & Process Estimator simulation tool, developed by STADCO and ES,
the designer interacts with the software platform through a customized graphical user interface (GUI)
to populate the system with manufacturing resources, selected from a pre-defined component
database, thus generating an initial assembly line configuration and layout. In the same simulation
tool, the user can define and visualize an initial welding task assignment and sequencing. It is also
possible to cluster all resources performing homogeneous sets of operations into stations.

What is it?

Integrated environment based on a GUI for fast evaluation of layout feasibility.

What does it do?

  • Quick design and editing of Assembly Layouts.
  • Automatic generation of Task Sequencing table.
  • Fast evaluation of main design KPIs.
  • Displays layout, task sequencing and KPIs at a glance.


  • Strong reduction of time for line feasibility analysis.
  • Improved feseability evaluation.
  • Easier management of all data needed for line design within the same GUI.
  • Faster real time evaluation of design KPIs.
  • Fully customisable resources and costs database.
  • Easy management of design constraints.
  • Functionalities for faster reporting.