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System Configuration Optimiser Simulation Tool


Once the initial configuration has been generated by Assembly Layout & Process Estimator simulation tool , all the related reliability data are automatically retrieved from a reliability database. The station models, as well as the system topology to be optimised, are provided as input to the System Configuration Optimizer simulation tool by means of so-called transfer functions. Next, the System Configurator Optimiser simulation tool tests several alternative system configurations before implementation, by exploiting the features of a fast performance evaluation module , based on approximate analytical methods.
Upon convergence of the selected optimisation algorithm, the set of candidate Pareto-optimal configurations are visualised to the designer. In addition, it is possible to further perform postprocessing on the candidate solutions, via robustness analysis and discrete event simulation. The control of the flow of information between these two simulation tools and the optimisation is performed by a workflow implemented within the commercial software platform modeFRONTIER® 4.5 (ESTECO). This software supports multi-objective optimisation and integration between multidomain software modules.

What is it?

  • Integrated platform for system concept generation and configuration optimisation

What does it do?

  • Early-stage design of assembly systems in a design-oriented Graphical User Interface
  • Integrated definition of task sequencing and layout
  • Precise calculation of system performance over a large number of alternative configurations
  • Multi-objective optimisation on costs, productivity and number of resources
  • Robustness analysis and Discrete Event Simulation for candidate solutions


  • Faster and integrated system design procedure
  • Fast configuration evaluation to study more potential configuration in less time (1000 configurations, 30 minutes)
  • Actual and detailed line OEE and JPH estimation
  • Connection with reliability and component databases
  • Detailed and customisable output visualiser

Configuration Optimization