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Integrated Manufacture of Polymer and Conductive Tracks (IMPACT)

IMPACT, an Innovate UK funded project, in collaboration with Iterate Design and Innovation Ltd, C Enterprise (UK) Ltd and Printed Electronics Ltd aims to develop a novel 3D printer that combines deposition of polymer based materials and electrically conductive inks. WMG are supporting material development and product robustness and are creating a multi-sided cloud-based marketplace.

PhD / EngD Studentships

  • Stress reduction techniques for laser Powder Bed Fusion (EngD) 10/18-01/22
  • Recycling of aluminium and aluminium alloys (PhD) 10/16-10/20
  • PTA Deposition of Titanium 64 alloy (PhD PT) – 11/14-11/21
  • Selective laser melting of high strength aluminium alloys (EPSRC iCASE) 10/15-09/19
  • Printing electronics and displays on already made objects and car body (EPSRC iCASE) 4/15-03/19


Automated Post-Processing Platform for Metals Additive Manufacturing - (PLATFORM)

PLATFORM, an Innovate UK funded project, aims to develop a platform to enable the cost-effective and efficient finishing of metal powder-bed

AM components, and to provide a cloud-based marketplace for delivery of the platform. WMG are developing a multi-sided cloud-based marketplace and protocols for the effective capture of geometry through CT and laser scanning.


Wideband Low-Cost Smart Passive and Active Antennas for THz Wireless Communications (WISDOM)

In WISDOM, an EPSRC funded project, we are working with Universities of Kent, KU Leuven and Graz to develop next generation antennas for the THz communication systems. WMG are developing new manufacturing methods and materials for on-chip antenna fabrication.